Log and loggeries


Clients can benefit from the wide range of garden services that F3RNZ provides. From expertly laying a patio to water features, decking and fencing, we have the skills to help – conveniently tying everything under one roof for you and more cost effective than using a number of different tradespeople.

One additional service that F3RNZ is particularly sought for is our all-year round supply of logs. We sell high quality, dry, seasoned logs and bags of kindling sticks. Whether you require a cubic metre of logs or larger loads, we can accommodate. If it's softwood you are interested in, please say so as there might be some great deals on.

We also build high quality log storage units using recycled materials. Perfect for keeping your logs dry whilst looking aesthetically pleasing too!

All of the logs are dry stored and put out to air over the summer before being covered for the hard winter months. Before we allow any logs to be sold, samples are tested for their burning ability in our workshop burner. So if you've ever been let down by damp logs hidden in the load, this will not be the case with F3RNZ. Some of our logs are even kept in dry-store for two years before being released.

F3RNZ delivers logs in Shropshire to the public, camp sites, Farmer Phil's Festival, hotels, clay oven pizza companies and other local business. We also sell logs to garages. With our 4x4 driver service, we are able to deliver in adverse weather conditions to keep you and your loved ones warm when you need it most!

The best part is – F3RNZ will even stack the logs for you! That's right, no sweat and back pain for you – let us and our wheelbarrows do the hard work for you.

Please ask for a load price when emailing or phoning through your order, and Warren will be happy to help.

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