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Warren Vette


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I am originally from Christchurch, New Zealand. After several years of travelling around the world, I established F3RNZ in 2004 here in Shrewsbury.


If you need to know where to put your garden's drainage, pond or get advice on laying a patio, find the best spot for planting or even putting up a timber fence, F3RNZ in Shrewsbury can help with your "Wish List" of ideas. We cater for all garden sizes from small to large projects.


Our company name is pronounced "Ferns" and this name has many meanings attached to it. When I chose the name I wanted to consider the needs of dyslexic people as I am dyslexic myself, so we replaced the “E” with a “3” – making it easier for many of us to read. The “NZ” is of course a reference to my home country!


The logo symbol is a Maori fern known as a Koru. The Koru symbolises new life or beginnings, harmony, growth and peace.


The distinctive spiral shape represents the opening of the fern frond. As the frond uncurls it brings new growth.


I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. I’m almost always
on-site (I oversee every project F3RNZ works on),
so call me on my mobile - 07752 656546.

• Garden Design • Hard and Soft Landscaping • Planting • Fencing • Borders and Rockeries

• Garden Maintenance • Logs (all year round) • Patio Loggeries • Sleeper Work • Delivery of Materials • Ponds • Decking • Drainage